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    * We will meet or beat any price on your group's travel needs when reserving 9 rooms per night or more at a hotel of equal or greater quality. Our group rates are price checked to ensure you are always getting a competitive group rate. Our savings claim is based on a comparison against hotel standard published rates. Look for the green percentages to the right of the hotel's group rates for your group savings. Free rooms for group coordinators applies to participating hotels only and required group size may vary among hotels. If booking on behalf of a company, please make sure your employer approves your use of the free room before accepting it from the hotel.

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    What do the star levels mean when I select my hotel on FindGroupDeals.com?

    The descriptions below provide general information on each of our star ratings, and only apply to hotels in North America. For hotels in any other country please contact the hotel for a list of amenities and services available.

    5 star hotels offer the highest level of quality, services and amenities. A full range of amenities are available, and professional and attentive staff provide highly personalized service. These hotels feature an on-site restaurant for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In-room dining is also offered at all times.

    4 star hotels offer a wide selection of amenities with the guest's comfort in mind. Guest rooms and public spaces are well appointed with higher quality furnishings and stylish decor. These hotels generally offer high-quality bedding and bath products, on-site dining for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in-room dining, luggage assistance, concierge services and valet parking.

    3.5 star hotels offer a higher level of guest service with several amenities. Guestrooms and public spaces place a greater emphasis on style and generally offer such conveniences as hairdryers, iron and board, fitness centers, luggage assistance and full service on-site dining.

    3 star hotels offer a higher level of guest service with several amenities. Guestrooms and public spaces place a greater emphasis on style and generally offer such conveniences as hairdryers, iron and board, and a fitness room. On-site dining is offered but may not be available for all three meals.

    2.5 star hotels place a greater emphasis on comfort and convenience. These hotels generally offer a 24-hour front desk and daily housekeeping; however, other hotel services may be somewhat limited. In-room amenities typically include color television, telephone, voicemail, hairdryer, iron and board, and coffee maker. The hotel will often have a restaurant or area for breakfast, although on-site dining may not be available for all three meals.

    2 star hotels typically appeal to the traveler looking for basic comfort and convenience. Guestrooms generally offer amenities such as private baths, television and telephone. These hotels may not offer on-site dining but are generally located near casual dining establishments.

    1 star hotels focus on the budget conscious traveler. These are generally low-rise hotels located near major attractions, convenient intersections or major interstates. Furnishings are basic and accommodations are of the no-frills variety.

    Other Classifications:
    Resort hotels / 4.5 Stars offer one or more pools, multiple food and beverage outlets, and a spa or fitness center. Depending on location and season, recreational options may include water sports, tennis, snow skiing or golf.